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 Apples Application... *Accepted*

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PostSubject: Apples Application... *Accepted*   Wed May 21, 2008 7:42 am

Name: Peng (Eric) Ng (If you're wondering... Yes my parents are from china)

In Game Name: Apples with a ︻┳═一

Steam Friends ID: I added Craze but he don't like me maybe?

Game Experience: I've played DoD:S a very long time... I don't know how long but I've played DoD:S 1 month after it got released... I'v played the normal Day of Defeat for 2 years also...

Realism Experience: I play at the server whenever I can.

Past Units: None...

Link to resignation from last unit if any: None...

Age: Only 14... 15 this year tho

Location: Earth, Europe, Sweden, Skane, Malmo (I am not one of these stupid fully swedish people...)

Favorite Weapons: M1 Garand, K98, K98 Scoped and Springfield.

Comments: Just to say again... 4th Rangers are totally awesome please accept me... I'm gonna use my mic if necessary and train up my confidence to use it I guess?(I'm not one of these anti-socialists.)

Questions: Only 1 last question... well it's more of an request. Could you guys maybe take your time to write these time diffrences with Sweden and USA? I'm very very very sorry for askin about this but I just wanna know em'. Thank you for reading and I hope you guys will accept me.

Welcome To The 4th Rangers! Your question I don't know at the time right now.
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Apples Application... *Accepted*
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