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 rcon codes

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PostSubject: rcon codes   Wed May 28, 2008 12:11 pm


v1.26 Feb'03 (rtcw1.40/pb0.996/osp0.82)
General RCON Controls

Note: unless command starts with "/", all commands can be assumed to require "/rcon", else it will display info for the RTCW you are currently running. E.g.
/rcon g_needpass thepassword
Description Command Notes
Rcon control /rconpassword <pass> Gives you RCON control, required for all of the following .
Set rcon pass rconPassword <pass> Changes the rcon password to <rcon pass>.
Req password g_needpass <0/1> Players require a password (1) or not (0) to join the server.
Set password g_password <Pass> Sets what the password to join the server is.
Priv clients sv_privateclients <x> No.of private clients, additional to sv_maxclients (reserve slots)
Priv password sv_privatepassword <pass> Sets pass’ for private clients, use for reserving slots for admins.
Max players sv_maxclients <x> Max people allowed on server - including spectators!
Change map map <mapname> Changes to that map - tends to screw up rotations.
Next Map vstr nextmap Loads the next map in the map rotation, if set correctly.
Start match start_match Skips warm-ups.
Map restart: map_restart <x> Restarts round, retains round 1 time etc in SW; X sec warm-up.
Match restart reset_match Resets the match, will lose round 1 time etc in SW.
Swap teams swap_teams Swaps teams, axis players go allied & vice versa.
Do warmup? g_doWarmup <1/0> Sets whether to do warm-ups (1) or not (0). See g_warmup.
Warmup time g_warmup <x> Sets the amount of time before the round begins, seconds.
Game type g_gametype <5/6/7> Sets game type: 5 = objective; 6 = Stopwatch; 7 = CP.
SW type g_altStopwatchMode <0/1> Sets SW mode when g_gametype is 6. 0 = ABBA; 1 = ABAB.
Friendly Fire g_friendlyFire <1/0> Friendly fire on(1)/off(0).
Team balance g_teamforcebalance <0/1> Forces team numbers to be even (1), or doesnt (0).
status status Gives the status of all players on the server, inc. slot number.
Kick player kick <playername> Use clientkick if they have |337 name or keeps changing it.
Kick player # clientkick <slot#> kick by number. They can rejoin immediately. PB does it better.
Ban Player banUser <player name> Use client ban for |337 name or if keeps changing it.
Ban Player # banClient <slot#> Ban the moron using slot number. PB does it better.
Auto join g_teamAutoJoin <0/1> If 1, players will automatically join the team with fewer players.
Inactivity kick g_inactivity <x> Auto-kick players who are inactive for x seconds.
Time limit: timelimit <xx> Time limit for the round. 0 = unlimited.
Time limit g_userTimeLimit <x> Time limit (mins) for the following map/round. 0 = map defaults.
Voting g_allowvote <1/0> 1 = Allow voting , 0 = not. Use g_voteflags instead, since v1.4.
Vote options g_voteflags x Specify which vote options are available to players.
1 Restart Map - 2 Reset Match - 4 Start Match - 8 Next Map - 16 Swp Teams - 32 Game Type - 64 Kick Player -128 Change Map : Add up the options for your preferred settings, e.g. 255 allows all votes. 0 = voting disabled
Force respawn g_forcerespawn <x> Forces players into limbo after x seconds.
Respawn R g_redlimbotime <x> Axis respawn time (immediate effect).
Respawn B g_bluelimbotime <x> Allied respawn time (immediate effect).
Respawn B g_useralliedrespawntime <x> Sets the allied re-spawn for next map/round (0 = map defaults).
Respawn R g_useraxisrespawntime <x> Sets the axis re-spawn for next map/round (0 = map defaults).
Fast Revive g_fastres <0/1> 1= revived players instantly get up. 0=normal revive.
Gravity g_gravity <x> Controls gravity for players. Low = less, default 800.
Speed g_speed <x> Controls speed of movement for players. High = fast, default 320.
Sold recharge g_soldierChargeTime 20000 Time taken to recharge solders power bar (1000=1 second).
LT recharge g_LTChargeTime 40000 Time taken for the Lieutenant power bar to charge .
Eng recharge g_engineerChargeTime 30000 Time taken for the engineer power bar to charge.
Med recharge g_medicChargeTime 45000 The amount of time it takes for the medic power bar to charge.
Synch Clients g_synchronousclients <1/0> Must be set to 1 to record a demo.
Max Lives Plyr g_maxlives <x> Sets the maximum lives each player can have per round. 0 = off?
Max Lives R g_axismaxlives <x> Sets the max lives the axis team has between them for a round.
Max Lives B g_alliedmaxlives <x> Sets the max lives the allied team has between them for a round.
Enf. Max Lives g_enforcemaxlives <1/0> 1= blocks players joining game until next round -for max life RB.
Anti-lag g_antilag <0/1> 1= turns on the anti-lag coding introduced in 1.4 patch. 0 = off.
Server Info serverinfo Gives the info of the server.
Kill server killserver Ends the server.
Chat as Rcon say <msg> Players do not see spectator chats, use /rcon say <msg> instead.

Enable PB /pb_cl_enable Enables PB on your client (your game). Disable: pb_sv_disable.
Cvar list /pb_cvarlist Shows list of cvars/settings restricted by PB on that server.
Power Kick /pb_power * then /pb_kick * See if player power enabled, your power points & players slots.
/pb_kick <slot#>
Use your power points in a kind of vote against ONE other player. Kick is similar to pb_sv_kick and length dependent on a server setting (pb_sv_powerkicklen). See PB manual.

RCON (Server)

Note: Suggest skimming the manual before trying to use it, plus there’s a lot more commands in there. The following require you to be logged in with rcon password, and should all start with "/rcon" at the front, e.g. /rcon pb_sv_enable, otherwise commands will relate to your RTCW/PB, not the server.
Turn on PB pb_sv_enable Enables Punkbuster on the server.
Turn off PB pb_sv_disable PB will not actually turn off until PB is restarted, see PB manual.
Check PB pb_sv_ver [or /pb_ver] Should display PB version if working ok.
Players PB pb_sv_plist [or /pb_plist] Displays a list of players, their current status, slot # and ‘power’.
Screenshot pb_sv_getss <name/slot#> Takes a partial shot of a players screen. See PB manual.
Kick player pb_sv_kick <slot#> <mins> <reason> PB temp’ bans the CDKEY, they cannot return until time up.
Ban player pb_sv_ban <name/slot#> <reason> PB bans the CDKEY, not IP. pb_sv_updbanfile to set it permanently.
Ban list pb_sv_banlist Shows a list of currently banned players
Unban pb_sv_unban <slot#> Removes the PB ban. Run pb_sv_updbanfile to undo a pernament ban.
Auto ban file pb_sv_autoUpdBan <0/1> 1 = bans will automatically be saved in ban file (pbbans.dat).
Guid Ban pb_sv_banguid <guid> As pb_sv_ban but can be used when player is not connected.
Guid UnBan pb_sv_unbanguid <guid> Remove a GUID ban (based on cd-key).
Cvar list pb_sv_cvarlist [or /pb_cvarlist] Shows list of cvars that PB has been told to restrict/demand.
Add PB cvar pb_sv_cvar <cvar> <in/out> <x y> PB will kick players with cvars in/outside the specified range; in = setting has to be between x & y inclusive. If no y, setting must = x. out = setting has to be > x or < y. If no y, setting must not = x. Does not change or remove previous blocks of same cvar, both will operate.
Remove PB cvar pb_sv_CvarDel <cvar slot#> Removes a PB cvar. Get slot# with pb_sv_cvarlist.
Auto kick len pb_sv_kicklen <x> Length of time PB’s auto kicks last for, minutes.
Score kick pv_sv_scorekick <x> Auto kick players with less than x score, use -. 0 = off.
Name copying pb_sv_dupNameGrace <x> Time given to change name if current is a duplicate; 0 = no kick.
Ext ascii Name pb_sv_extchar <0/1> 0 = kicks any names with characters needing >1 keypress. 1=off.
Special client pb_sv_specname Special client (e.g. wolftv) PB will ignore when score/death = 0.
Player Power pb_sv_power <slot#> <points> Give specified player the specified power rating/points.
Power Players pb_sv_powerlist <optional filter> Lists power players - all in DB or matching filter in guid/name.
Change points pb_sv_powerpoints <slot#> <x> Change the points for a power player (slot# is from powerlist!).
Default Power pb_sv_powerdef <x> The power rating given to any player not specified above.
Points to Kick pb_sv_powermin <x> Number of power points needed to get a player kicked.
Power Kick Len pb_sv_powerkicklen <x> Minutes a power kick lasts for. 0 disables PB power features.
Save settings pb_sv_writecfg PB settings get written to pbsv.cfg, and loaded when PB is reset.


For a list of all client commands, type in the console /?. Usage as displayed.
Player Info /players Lists all active players and their IDs/information.
Readyteam /readyteam Same as /ready but forces it for whole team
Follow/Spec /follow <p_id/allies/axis> Spectates a particular player or team (/players for p_id #).
Lock teams /lock Locks your team to prevent others from joining.
Prevent specs /speclock Locks your team from spectators.
Spec Invite /specinvite <p_id> Invites a player to spectate your spec-locked team
Allow specs /specunlock Unlocks your team for spectators.
Pause /pause [or /timeout] Allows a team to pause a match.
Un pause /unpause [or /timein] Unpauses a match (if initiated by the issuing team).
Auto Stuff /cg_autoAction <x> Does some things auto, useful for proof etc: 1 - Start a demo at the start of the round; 2 - Take a screenshot at the end of the round; 4 - Save game stats to a file at the end of the round; 3,5,6,7 - Add up the above for multi-function, e.g. "7" will perform 1+2+4.


After obtaining referee status, for a list of all referee commands, type /ref. Usage as displayed
Ref Control /ref <password> Become a referee (needed for the following to work).
Comp settings /callvote comp Loads OSP’s match/competition settings.
Abort match /abort Aborts a match in progress.
Restart round /restart Aborts a match in progress, starts again.
Ready-up all /allready Readies all players in the game.
Lock teams /lock Locks both teams from new players.
Unlock teams /unlock Unlocks both teams - new players can join.
Spec to allies /putallies <p_id> Puts a player on the Allies team (/players for p_id #).
Spec to axis /putaxis <p_id> Puts a player on the Axis team (/players for p_id #).
Remove player /remove <p_id> Removes a player from a team (/players for p_id #).
Lock specs /speclock Locks both teams from spectators.
Unlock specs /specunlock Unlocks both teams from spectators.
Pause /pause Pauses the match. Same as /timeout.
Un-pause /unpause Un-pauses a paused match. Same as /timein.


Usage: as normal Rcon; e.g. /rcon match_latejoin 1.
Set ref pass ref_password <pass> Sets up the password to become a ref using /ref <pass>.
Late join? match_latejoin <1/0> Whether clients can join a match in progress.
Min Players match_minplayers <x> Minimum # of players needed to start the match.
Set ready % match_readypercent <1-99> Player "ready" threshold.
Pause # match_timeoutcount <x> # of timeouts that can be called by each side per match.
Pause length match_timeoutlength <x> Duration (in seconds) of timeouts.
Warmup fire match_warmupfire <0/1> Whether clients can inflict/receive damage during warmup.
Auto config server_autoconfig <0/1/2> Server loads no(0)/comp(1)/pub(2) settings on startup
Team Max Size team_maxplayers <x> Max players per team.
Nocontrols team_nocontrols <0/1> Disables captain/team cmds/autolocking mechanisms.
Vote Limit vote_limit <0-x> Max # of votes allowed for a map (non-ref)
Vote pass % vote_percent <1-100> Percentage of accepting clients for a vote to pass.
PF Limiting team_maxPanzers <-1/x> Sets a limit to PF's per team, -1=no limit; x=max PF’s per team.
Mute Specs match_mutespecs <1/0> Whether spectators can chat during a match in progress.
Spec Inactivity g_spectatorInactivity <0/x> Kick spectators who are inactive for x seconds. 0 = disabled.
Shuffle Teams shuffle_teams Randomly distributes players to each team.

Relates to RTCW v. 1.4; PB v. 0.996 & OSP v. 0.82a. Feel free to add Shrub, Bani etc, or provide corrections.

Originally posted (by me) at Game Admins.

For an RCON guide try this. It’s Quake3 but basically same thing. Doesn’t explain PB.

Written, or rather, compiled by DaveGod. Do what you like with it, or don’t. Originally made it for my own use, not because I knew everything about rcon etc, actually for the more obvious reason that I knew very little. Hence most commands are either copied or read about from the following, some/all of which have less of some things and/or more of other things; worth reading (esp. PB stuff) as much left out as whilst relevant to setting up server, less likely to be to a general server admin - this document is intended for use as a reference/reminder whilst in-game etc.
# Typing "cvarlist" then "cmdlist" then "condump list.txt" in rtcw console
# Reading some post at http://forums.rtcw.co.uk
# Game Admins pages
# Keen's Console Commands
# Flag_man's Wolfenscript
# PB documentation
# PB server notes
# OSP documentation - in rtcw/osp/docs
# RTCW documentation - in rtcw/docs folder.
Also thx to a few people who afaik don’t have websites to be p1mp3d Smile
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rcon codes
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