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 Entlistment for zzzzac1 *Accepted*

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PostSubject: Entlistment for zzzzac1 *Accepted*   Sat May 24, 2008 5:50 pm

Name: Zachary Weaaver
In game name: R0F1 J3T
Steam Friends ID: zzzzac1 (to add me) and I show up as HOSTILE! zzzzac1[SFX] {ZG} [HL]
Game experience: Sort of good, Half Life fan ever since 1998
Realism experience: Yes
Past Units: 3rd RB
Link to resignation from last unit if any: It was probaly deleted beacuse it was old
Age: 15
Location: Boston, MA
Favorite weapons: 50 Cal, and the Germans rifle (KarK I belive)
Comments: None
Questions: Is there going to be a LONG manual? I got bored in the last unit after like page 1,000, just kidding, but I also got the read that Project Reality Manual to.... Crying or Very sad

EDIT (sorry): Once I get (acepted) should I report in some how?

Welcome To The 4th Rangers! There is no manual, and right now, you dont need to report in.
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Entlistment for zzzzac1 *Accepted*
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